Do good in the world….


You don’t need to move mountains to do something good in this world.Just include one tiny line in your email about the “cause” you believe in. You can help by simply spreading a good word.

Sometimes to do good in the world, all you need to do, is add one tiny lineto your email.

Do Something Good.     One Click Install
What is One Tiny Line?
One Tiny Line is a Chrome extension – a Chrome browser app. It adds one tiny line to your email signature.This app works only with Gmail and Chrome for now.

  1. From your Chrome browser click “Install”. Do you see a One Tiny Line Icon on your tool bar?.
  2. Click the One Tiny Line Icon icon. Choose the cause you believe in.
  3. Your gmail signature will now go out with one tiny line about the cause you selected.

This is how the line will look in your your emails: